In Lake Oswego, schools are at the center of our community. Families like mine chose to move here for the exceptional educational experiences that wonderful teachers and staff impart to students.


We have become even more aware of the importance of education since the COVID-19 pandemic struck last year. Schools provide essential spaces for academic learning. They are also a core resource for addressing educational physical, social, and emotional needs.


I was honored to bring my life experiences and skill sets to board service, especially during these uncertain times. Our schools have adapted and continue to do so in a changing and complex world.


The strategic priorities I helped to craft as a school board member chart a bold new course for LOSD. Now more than ever, we must work together so that our schools evolve and innovate to prepare students to become global citizens.


Once again, I am ready to serve with your support, because we have more work to do.

Create a Culture of Belonging

Students engage more deeply with learning when they feel like valued members of their school community. During disruptions caused by COVID-19, building a strong sense of belonging among students and families, teachers, and staff is critical. Students need safe and inclusive spaces with support from caring adults. I will work to create a diverse, anti-racist learning community that provides kids with experiences reflecting themselves and allowing them to understand the wider world.

Achieve Academic Excellence

All students have the potential to achieve greatness when schools embrace the growth mindset. This approach instills a belief that our kids are capable of learning nearly anything when they are taught that their persistence, effort, and determination pays off.  I am committed to designing systems of learning that tailor instruction to the needs of each and every student, allowing them to soar.

Promote Health and Resiliency

Our kids need our help to bounce back from the challenges of the past year. Social isolation and other COVID-19 concerns have impacted learning and well-being. Students must feel safe and secure before they can be ready to learn and grow, and our schools must give them the tools they need to build resilience. Addressing students’ health, mental health, and social emotional needs is a top priority for me, so that our kids will emerge stronger and more capable to turn future adversities into opportunities.

Teach and Practice Sustainability

The recent wildfires highlighted the urgency of the climate crisis. Students are motivated to learn about creating a healthy and sustainable environment locally. I believe that preparing our next generation to be wise stewards of our shared resources locally and globally will be essential.

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